About Music of Words


Music of Words is engaged in the production and publication of groundbreaking Books/Audio Productions and other fiction publications mainly in the DwREAM format–a unique melding of dramatically performed literature and music.

Although we are a relatively new Company, we would like to do our part to support the vital distribution of media products through bookstores. We believe in the Bookstore Concept of Distribution because we feel there is no substitute for an informed bookseller who will offer a book to a potential buyer based on familiarity with that buyer and the work being sold. Our Pricing Policy, we feel, reflects our commitment to the traditional, and especially independent, bookstore. And because we feel we have something new and important to offer in the marketplace, it will best be sold, as any innovative product would be, by educated professionals. (Please contact us for more info.)

Our fiction follows the traditional lines of Classical Literature with an emphasis on promoting Western Civilization and values through English and American literature, music, and the classical humanities. We seek to publish high quality books that celebrate beauty in their design, illustration and, of course, content–and explore classical themes of Western culture in an intellectually and emotionally inspiring way. We feel our DwREAM format engages the audience as no conventional book form can. Through the melding of dramatic literature with symphonic orchestration DwREAM engages the intellect and emotions, taking the audience on a musically entrained voyage to new heights of literary experience.

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