The Ephemeris by William Jay

The Ephemeris and The Ephemeris, Voyages in DwREAM
by William Jay
This beautiful Book is:
4-Color, approx 9″x12″
All original art work for the cover, end sheets, illustrations and page designs.
The Audio package consists of:
7 Compact Discs
approx 8 hours of original music and dramatic performance by William Jay
All original art work for the cover, discs and insert.

Ephemeris: pronounced: i·fem’ er·is

From the Latin word: Ephemerous, lasting but one day, and derived from the Greek: Ephemeros, for the day, thus pertaining to short-lived things and the fleeting nature of life. An Ephemeris was a diary for recording the day’s events, also, a table or almanac noting the future positions of heavenly bodies, such that astrologers might try to predict their influences, or sailors could navigate by them.

The Ephemeris in DwREAM is a voyage back in time to the Late Middle Ages and the birth of the Renaissance. A group of young merchant sailors relate their thoughts and experiences in a series of dramatic episodes, taking us around a medieval world ravaged by plague and war. The main character, Justin Rhodes, is a sea captain who is desperate to reach his estranged love, Jane. Alienated from his world of chaos and pain, he takes us on a series of adventures and philosophical journeys to intimately understand the nature of his world and his own personal conflicts.

Pink-RainAbundant with action and adventure, The Ephemeris is also a love story and a deeply philosophical and spiritual exploration of what and who we are as individuals and also as a race and culture. Western Civilization is explicated through the philosophies of the ancient Greeks and the modern trends of thought brought about by nihilism and alienation. The horrors of the Black Plague and the brutal battles of war are commingled with the ever-present love story and yearning for the understanding and solace that only love can bring. Beautiful and Savage, Intellectually and Spiritually Profound, Horrifying yet Irresistibly compelling, the world of the Late Middle Ages truly comes to life in The Ephemeris.

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