Audio Samples


Below are several audio and text samples taken from The Ephemeris and The Ephemeris: Voyages in DwREAM.
Also, we have had several requests for more text samples—there were so many to choose from—we posted a few below. Try reading them aloud. They are very musical by themselves.

Canto I – Love

Text sample from “The Incantation of the Muse”:

            Thus Edgar flourished with a shout, yet left a silent void to fill, so I went on: “Forgotten now, though clouds you gather still. Yet only island shepherds to your temples run, where once the ardent prayers were sung, and seek they only shelter from your rain. I pray to you because I saw your face in his—immortal, for it held immortal pain. His brow, the folding darkness of your clouds. His eyes, the sun upon a storming sea. Forgotten too is he. And though you’re not god of love, a god you are abandoned and bereft, and loneliness will fill your countless days. Though you have lost the worship of the world and he one woman’s love, you are both equally alone. So, afterward, when all is said and done, perhaps your tears will sanctify a tale of tragic love, a woman’s grave and Redwyn’s face. Pray, grant him your celestial grace to palliate his pain; make thund’rous rage and bring with force your great and godly rain!”

Text sample from “Nevery”:

            Mid sweat and ale and curls of smoke, there as a ghost my hero sat, among the common, drunken men, his countenance a prayer from hell whence prayers can ne’er be heard again. He seemed to come from nether worlds of ruins that deny their end: an arch where once a temple stood, a pyramid on endless sand, a bridge where once a river flowed now bridging only arid land. Such things in some transmuted way were there within his scathing eyes that burned with hope from out the depths of measureless obscurities, as castaways who search for ships from islands in uncharted seas.

            It seemed beyond a human thing burned through him as prime fire, all plasmic soul and bare desire. I’ve pondered why the moth shuns day and then seeks out a candle’s flame. Creatures of the dusky realms should ne’er give a thought of light, or singe upon a burning thing and die. Yet as I moved to Redwyn greet I knew not what I sought from him or why. An’ if it’s true, as it is said, the will of Man’s created free, how many then may truly say their will ordained their destiny?

Text sample from “The Tor”:

            She looked up to the ‘nighted void with joy upon her face. “Then we are there,” she said. “And married now. And we shall have our wedding days anon. For we have learned we nothing need, not even time, to carry on. All days are the same. The moment we remember has no substance, and the moment of tomorrow is not real ‘til it transpires and ‘comes a memory without substance once again. For living there is only now, and now’s the thread by which our lives sustain. So let us weave a tapestry of life from out this thread of present time. An’ leave on earth its misery, and live and love sublime.”

            And thus the dream that was to be our life was played. And not as actors painting on their roles, as common life is made, but as two burning souls would have it be, whose love was truth, and truth reality.

Canto II – Plague





Canto III – War







Canto IV – Of Tide and Time